Useful info

The Ceremony

We use a separate PA system for the wedding ceremony. This is to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition between proceedings of the ceremony and reception.

The following will be provided:

Selection of appropriate background music when your guests arrive
Processional and recessional music of your choice
Song of your choice as you sign the register
Backing track for selected hymns
Professional cordless / roaming handheld microphone or lapel microphone for the wedding officer
PA system for live musicians who need sound equipment for their instruments and vocals indoors or outdoors

Forest & Beach wedding ceremonies

These wedding ceremonies are beautiful with often spectacular surroundings. We will provide a battery operated PA system complete with a wireless handheld microphone and a wireless lapel microphone for the wedding officiant in areas where power is unavailable.

Pre-drinks (Canapés)

After the ceremony the bridal party will be away on their photo shoot for about 2 hours or so. During this time your guests will mingle whilst enjoying canapés and drinks. We will provide appropriate background music for your guest during this time.

The Reception

The following will be provided:

Professional cordless / roaming handheld microphone or lapel microphone for the MC and speeches
High Quality full range sound system as well as dance floor lighting
Selection  of  appropriate  background  music  throughout and variety of dance music for everyone to enjoy.
Our equipment will present neatly and we will have done a sound check before your guests arrive for the reception.
Appropriate  background  music  will set the mood and we will have your special song ready for your big entrance as newlyweds.
We will assist you with song ideas for the formalities as well as dance music for the evening.
We would also like to meet with you about a month or so before your wedding day to discuss and finalize everything.
Our pricing is a set fee up to midnight, but depending on the venue we will continue the party at an hourly rate thereafter.

Suggested Order of Events

We suggest the following as a guideline for the order of events. This is all depending on times, weather and other factors. The day should be relaxed with a nice flowing order of events that allows for room to improvise.

Guests arrive at the chapel/venue

DJ starts playing background music
14h00 (Winter) / 15h00 (Summer) Ceremony begins (±40 minutes to 1 hour)
Confetti & group/family photos

Canapés (1 ½ to 2 hours)
Cutting of the cake (or at the reception).
Guests relax while background music plays.

NB! We highly recommend that all formalities are completed before the dance floor opens in order to avoid disruptions once the party gets going!

17h30 Guests enter the reception area. DJ to play background music.
17h45 – 18h00 Bride & groom enter reception to pre-selected song
The cutting of the cake can be done as the bride & groom enter, before they take their seats.
MC does welcoming speech & general house rules etc
18h15 Starters is served (±30 minutes)
MC announces that speeches will begin shortly. Plates are cleared and sparkling wine is served for toasts.
18h45 Speeches (±20 minutes)
Father of the Bride who toasts the bride & groom
The Best Man who toasts the bridesmaids
The Groomsman to read emails, faxes & to toast to absent family & friends
The Groom who toasts the parents & his bride (the groom can also do his speech after main course)
The Bride (if she wants)
MC closes the speeches
19h10 Main Course is served (±30 minutes to 1 hour)
20h10 Cutting of the cake (if this hasn’t already been done) / Bouquet & garter toss
20h20 Dessert is served (±30 minutes)
20h50 First dance, followed by the Father & daughter dance. The bridal party may join if arranged or with the next song, followed by the guests.
21h15 Bouquet & garter toss (if not done earlier)
23h40 Announce last round for drinks
23h50 Announce that bridal couple will leave shortly. Guests to form a farewell tunnel.
24h00 (Midnight) Overtime starts. This should be discussed prior to your wedding day as overtime is charged per hour or ANY part thereof. Payment must be made before overtime commences in CASH to the DJ, or by EFT two weeks before your wedding date. Should your wedding end before the pre-paid overtime limit, the balance will be refunded to you. Payment after the wedding for overtime will unfortunately NOT be considered. Please note that overtime is at the discretion of the DJ & venue management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What are the benefits of hiring a wedding DJ?
A – Hiring a Wedding DJ reduces your pre-wedding to-do-list and increases your wedding day fun. Experienced DJ’s know how to make your wedding day run smoothly and to get guests of all ages out on the dance floor when it’s time for celebrating. A DJ can create just the right tone for your wedding reception and if you want a rocking dance party or a classy soundtrack to pair with your dinner, an experienced DJ will know exactly what to play and can work with you to showcase the genres that you like. They know the latest offerings in the music world and how to combine new songs with classic favorite tunes. When it comes to a music library, DJ’s have the world at their fingertips, so you don’t have to worry about downloading too many songs.

Hiring an experienced DJ removes the hassle of renting sound equipment with no-one to operate them efficiently. It can also provide you with a 2nd MC who can smoothly move your guests through the formalities. While they put on their DJ headphones and hit the decks, you can just relax, dance, and fully enjoy your wedding day.

Q – What do I pay for when hiring a Wedding DJ?
A – Essentially you are paying for,

  • The experience. There’s a misconception that Wedding DJ’s simply arrive on the day and start playing music, when in fact they put in a lot of effort to make sure that your special day is successful. From the moment your guests arrive until they leave, they will have experienced a musical journey while having an awesome time.
  • Quality. Great DJ’s take years to gain experience in the art of entertaining people from various walks of life in different age groups with different tastes in music. Weddings is rated as the most difficult event to DJ because of it’s diverse nature.
  • Professionalism. We provide a high level of service that you would expect and only use professional audio and lighting equipment that is specifically manufactured for high quality DJ performance.
  • Skill. A DJ does not only require the skill to confidently operate equipment and ensure smooth transitions between different genres of music, but also has to have the personality to maintain a professional composure whilst often dealing with demanding situations. From adjusting to change in programs, managing any unforeseen issues, to often dealing with rude, unappreciative and drunk guests that can make life very difficult.
  • Time. Downloading specific songs and sometimes premix songs takes time. We get up early on weekends which is generally family time to others to pack equipment, then drive to the venue to be there at least 3 hours earlier than the event starts and only pack up once everyone has left after a 14-16 hour day. We might only quote for 6 or 10 hours, but in fact it’s closer to 25 hours of time put in.
  • Preferred Service Provider. Being a Preferred Service Provider to many top venues in KZN is a privilege as it speaks volumes of our consistent high standards of service. 

Q – How long have you been a DJ?
A – I’ve been a DJ since 1996, but Midlands Wedding DJ was established in 2009.

Q – How far ahead can we book your services?
A – 2 years

Q – How do we book your DJ services?
A – We will send you a quotation / booking form which you need to sign and email back to either or We also require that you send us proof of payment for either R 2, 000.00 deposit payment, or full payment should you wish to take advantage of our 10% discount offer.

Q – Can we meet before our wedding day?
A – Absolutely! In fact we encourage that we meet beforehand for introductions and to discuss our role on your special day.

Q – Do you cover the whole of KZN?
A – Yes, we cover Durban, South Coast, North Coast, Midlands and the Drakensberg. We have even traveled to places such as Kokstad, Ladysmith, Harrismith, Dundee etc.

Q – What equipment do you have?
A – We use professional quality brand audio equipment specifically manufactured for mobile DJ use. Depending on how many guests will be attending your wedding and the size of the venue we will typically use 2 x 15″ Two-way speakers with 2 x 15″ or 18″ bass bins, an all in one dance floor lighting system and cordless microphone with a stand for speeches.

Q – Do you take song requests or a personal playlist from the bridal couple?
A – Yes. However please do take your guests into consideration with regard to their different styles of preferred music when compiling your own playlist.

Q – Do you play “cheeze” music?
A – Yes. “Cheeze” music is still very much enjoyed at weddings and is often requested.

Q – Do you have back-up equipment?
A – Yes. In the unlikely event that we do experience an equipment malfunction, we will have the means to continue playing music. Should the venue experience a long term power failure, we would be able to continue for 2-3 hours longer on battery power. It would be advisable to check with your venue regarding availability of a generator should the need arise. 

Q – What do you need from us on the day?
A – A small table for the ceremony near an electrical plug point (unless we would have to use battery powered equipment where there is no electricity available). A standard trestle sized table with table cloth near an electrical plug point and 2 chairs for the reception.

Q – Will you be bringing an assistant?
A – Yes, unless otherwise indicated

Q – What is included in your quotation?
A – We provide a quotation that includes the DJ service, travel & toll fee cost and accommodation (if applicable). Overtime is quoted separately  per hour or any part thereof and starts at midnight (depending on the venue), or after the number of hours that was quoted for has been reached. Our standard service includes all necessary audio equipment, cordless mic with stand and dance floor lighting.

Q – What kind of music do you play?
A – We play music that will get the guests on the dance floor and keep them there. A good mix of rock n’ roll golden oldies, sing-a-longs, cheeze, lang arm and modern dance floor hits usually does the trick, but it all depends on the night and type of crowd.

Q – Do you cater for ceremonies where there is no electricity available?
A – Yes. We use battery operated equipment that will last for the duration of the ceremony.

Q – What time will you be at the venue?
A – We usually arrive about 3 hours before the ceremony starts to set up.

Q – Will you continue to DJ after midnight?
A – Yes, the wedding dj is what makes or breaks the celebration. We will continue the party at an extra fee of R 1, 500.00 per hour or ANY part thereof. Payment for overtime is strictly up front in cash and must be made to the DJ at least 30 minutes before overtime commences. No exceptions will be made. Overtime will be considered in agreement with the venue. Generally most venues will allow overtime with the cut-off time being 2am.