First Dance Tips

That moment when the bride accepts her first dance with the groom, she accepts him for always and forever. The first dance together also symbolizes the couple’s first joint endeavor. As the focus point of your reception, your first dance song is of great significance. It mirrors the newly-weds, and your enduring love for one another.

When selecting the ideal song for your first dance, you may want to consider the following:

Do the lyrics of the song have a special meaning to you as a couple, or your feelings for one another?

Are there uncomplicated beats and a steady tempo for you to follow? Try and avoid of songs with unclear beats or songs that can be challenging to move to.

How long is your song? Your song should leave your guests wanting more. It is recommended that the first dance should be between 2 – 3 minutes long which sounds short. However, it can feel like an eternity when you are dancing all alone with everyone’s eyes focussed on the two of you. Have a listen to your selected song and consider having the song edited to the desired length or to have the wedding DJ fade the song out at a certain point in time.

Whether it was the song that played on your first date, or with your first kiss, your first dance song should encapsulate the essence of your feelings and expressions for one another