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Wedding info


We use a separate PA system for the wedding ceremony. This is to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition
between proceedings of the ceremony and reception.

The following will be provided:

  • A selection of appropriate background music when your guests arrive
  • Processional and recessional music of your choice
  • a song of your choice as you sign the register
  • backing track for selected hymns
  • A professional cordless / roaming handheld microphone or lapel microphone for the wedding officer
  • PA system for live musicians who need sound equipment for their instruments and vocals indoors or outdoors


Forest & Beach wedding ceremonies
These wedding ceremonies are beautiful with sometimes spectacular surroundings. We will provide battery operated
PA systems complete with cordless microphones and a lapel microphone for the wedding officiant in areas where
power is unavailable.


Music for pre-drinks (Canapés)

After the ceremony the bridal party will be away on their photo shoot for about 2 hours or so. During this time your
guests will mingle whilst enjoying canapés and drinks. We will provide appropriate background music for your guests
during this time.


The following will be provided:

  • A professional cordless / roaming handheld microphone or lapel microphone for the mc and speeches
  • A professional PA system as well as selected dance floor lighting
  • A  selection  of  appropriate  background  music  throughout  proceedings  and  of  course a wide variety of dance
   music for everyone to enjoy.
  • Our equipment will present need tidy and we will also have done a sound check for both the PA system and 
   microphones before your guests arrive for your reception.
  • Appropriate  background  music  will  set  the  ambience  for  the  rest of the evening. We will have your special
   song ready for your big entrance as newlyweds and a cordless microphone for speeches to follow.
  • Once you have confirmed your booking with Midlands Wedding Dj, we will provide you with song ideas for the
   formalities as well as dance music for the evening. We would also like to meet with you about a month or so
   before your 
wedding day to discuss and finalise everything.
  • We quote a set fee up to midnight, but depending on the venue will continue the party at an hourly rate thereafter.

Depending on the function requirements we use the following equipment :

  •  Samson Audio PG3800 Power Amplifier
  •  Samson Audio SX1800 Power Amplifier
  •  Wharfedale EVPX12 12 2-Way 250w Loudspeakers
  •  Wharfedale EVPX15 15 2-Way 300w Loudspeakers
  •  Wharfedale EVPX18B 18’’ Bass Bin
  •  QTX QR12PA 12" 200w Active battery powered PA system (ideal for forest & beach wedding ceremonies & canapés)
  •  FILO FCA15A 15" 250w Active battery powered PA system (ideal for forest & beach wedding ceremonies & canapés)
  •  Gemini MM3000 Professional 5 Channel Stereo Mixer
  •  Phonic AM125FX Stero compact mixer
  •  Numark Mixtrack Pro controller
  •  Numark Mixtrack Platinum controller
  •  Gemini UF2064ML Wireless Lapel Microphone System
  •  Hybrid handheld wireless microphone x 2
Placement of our equipment:
Ideally the dance area should be located directly in front of the DJ and the speakers directly next to the dance area.

The older guests should be seated the furtherest from the dance area. In contrast the younger crowd should be seated
closer to the dance area.


ORDER OF EVENTS (suggested)

We suggest the following as a guideline for the order of events. This is all depending on times, weather and other
factors. The day should be relaxed with a nice flowing order of events that allows for room to improvise.

Guests arrive at the chapel/venue
DJ starts playing background music
14h00 (Winter) / 15h00 (Summer) Ceremony begins (±40 Minutes)
Confetti & group/family photos
Canapés (1 ˝ to 2 hours)
Cutting of the cake (or at the reception).
Guests relax while background music plays.

17h30 Guests enter the reception area. DJ to play background music.

NB! We highly recommend that all formalities are completed before the dance floor opens in order to avoid
disruptions once the party gets going!

17h45 – 18h00 Bride & groom enter reception to pre-selected song
The cutting of the cake can be done as the bride & groom enter, before they take their seats.
MC does welcoming speech & general house rules etc

18h15 Starters is served (±30 minutes)
MC announces that speeches will begin shortly. Plates are cleared and sparkling wine is served for toasts.

18h45 Speeches (±20 minutes)
Father of the Bride who toasts the bride & groom
The Best Man who toasts the bridesmaids
The Groomsman to read emails, faxes & to toast to absent family & friends
The Groom who toasts the parents & his bride (the groom can also do his speech after main course)
The Bride (if she wants)
MC closes the speeches
19h10 Main Course is served (±30 minutes to 1 hour)
20h10 Cutting of the cake (if this hasn’t already been done) & Bouquet & garter toss
20h20 Dessert is served (±30 minutes)
20h50 First dance, followed by the Father & daughter dance. The bridal party may join if arranged or with
          the next song, followed by the guests.
21h15 Bouquet & garter toss (if not done earlier)
23h40 Announce last round for drinks
23h50 Announce that bridal couple will leave shortly. Guests to form a farewell tunnel.

Midnight (24h00) Overtime starts.
This should be discussed prior to your wedding day as overtime is charged per hour or any part thereof. Payment
must be made before overtime commences in CASH to the DJ, or by EFT two weeks before your wedding date.
Should your wedding end before the pre-paid overtime limit, the balance will be refunded to you.

Later payment after the wedding for overtime will unfortunately NOT be considered.

Please note that overtime is at the discretion of the DJ & venue management.


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